For Those Redirected from Vision Quest: Crossroads Recovery Community bought Vision Quest Recovery Homes and will continue to help the recovery community in Port Huron with love and support. 

What is Crossroads Recovery Community?

 Crossroad Recovery Community is a fully functioning men's recovery house with over 40 residents and seven house managers to help facilitate the change needed for someone in recovery. The homes are overseen by a social worker and two recovery coaches. The program is designed to get to the root of the behaviors, change a person's perspective, and gain the skills to live a productive life. This rigorous program will allow anyone willing to work on themselves the opportunity and support for change.

Our homes are founded upon the principles of:

Community -  All facility residents are treated as a family and expect to act like one.

Respect - Each person is unique and will be treated as such.

Support- We give freely what we have to others to ensure everyone can thrive.

Abundance - There is always enough, and our residents will never go without basic needs.

By staying off substances and working together, we offer hope and support to one another that the group's strength works to protect the recovery of all through any crisis or challenge.